Code chunk in Kronos malware used long before MalwareTech published it

Marcus Hutchins, the researcher who stopped WCry, complained his code was lifted. The conclusion, reached in an analysis of Kronos published by security firm Malwarebytes, by no means proves or disproves federal prosecutors’ allegations that Hutchins wrote Kronos code and played a role in the sale of the malware. It does, however, clarify speculation over […]

Tierische Filter helfen beim Kampf gegen Mikroplastik im Meer

Larvacea helfen unabsichtlich mit, das Meerwasser von Plastikteilchen zu reinigen. Dafür landen die dann auf dem Meeresboden. Auf der Suche nach neuen Wegen, Meeresbewohner vor schädlichen Plastikteilchen zu schützen, können Forscher auf tierische Hilfe bauen: Mit ihrem schleimigen Gehäuse filtern winzige Lebewesen Plastikpartikel aus der Strömung. Nachteil: Das Problem verlagert sich zum Meeresboden. Sie erinnern an Kaulquappen, sind durchsichtig […]

Final Defenders trailer gives us the best kind of villain

We get a long look at bad guy Alexandra, a new character invented just for this series. In the other previews for the series, we’ve already seen the dynamic between the Defenders is shaky at best. Jessica and Luke are still pissed at each other, Daredevil likes to work alone, and everybody is making fun […]

South Africa borders on ‘red alert’ for Grace Mugabe

Police are instructed to stop Zimbabwe’s first lady, accused of assault, from leaving South Africa. South African police have issued a “red alert” at the country’s borders for Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe, the police minister has said. She is accused of hitting a 20-year-old woman over the head with an extension cord in a […]

Senior officer on damaged ship to be relieved of command

WASHINGTON (AP) — The captain of a Navy warship that lost seven sailors in a collision with a commercial container ship in June will be relieved of command and nearly a dozen others face punishment, the Navy’s second-ranking admiral said Thursday. Adm. William Moran, the vice chief of naval operations, told reporters that the top […]

Google Home gets free phone calls in the US and Canada

US and Canada get free calls, plus lots of Project Fi/Google Voice integration, too. Further Reading Google Home can now tell users apart just by their voice Google Home users can call businesses listed in Google Maps or people in Google Contacts with a simple “OK Google, call [whoever].” It also combines Google Contact’s relationship knowledge […]